mCD   (January 2011)

Simon Balestrazzi: A Rainbow In My Mirror

Recorded in real time in two separate twin and mirroring session on equinoctial days and using a wide variety of prepared acoustic instruments, old synths and keyboards, field recordings and electronic manipulation with minimal editing and overdubs, "A Rainbow In My Mirror" is Simon Balestrazzi first physical release under is own name.

Clocking at more than 20 minutes this slow-glowing trance inducing tour de force combines elements of electroacoustic music, avant folk and many other experimental forms, growing on an aggregate of sustained harmonics

This visionary creation explores territories that evoke continuously evolving sound forms rich of textural detail.

                   mCD   (February 2011)

A Sphere Of Simple Green: Untitled Soundscapes

A Sphere Of Simple Green are Adriano Orrù (double bass), Silvia Corda (prepared piano) and Simon Balestrazzi (electronics and amplified objects).

The band name comes from a verse of visionary poet Emily Dickinson. Recorded during several improvisation sessions "Untitled Soundscape" is a dense textural interaction between acoustic and electronic sounds.

While real time processing, multilayering and juxtaposition, extended and     non-conventional techniques, are all simultaneously at play, compositional patterns and themes are evident throughout this mini-album and each of the three soundscapes combines the myriad of influences of its creators into an organic and unique whole.

                   mCD   (March 2011)

Uncodified: Involucri

“Involucri” is the debut release of Uncodified, a new project and brainchild of italian electronic musician Corrado Altieri (TH26, Monosonik)

Realized without the help of any computer, Altieri uses sounds from analogue and digital devices, manipulating tones and textures that transport the listener at times to a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland, at other times through the chaotic shifting of tectonic plates. “Involucri” explodes the genres of noise, ambient, power-electronics, cinematic sound design, improv and drone, resulting in a menacing melt of sound and texture. The sleeve features the artwork by artist Daniele Serra.

                   mCD   (forthcoming)

Dream Weapon Ritual: Another View

DWR, the duo of Monica Serra and Simon Balestrazzi retutn with "Another View". Release is due by late April 2011.

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